The Wonderful World of Publishing

Kara Hackett is head of the social media department for the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette and is a recent college grad who came to my computing and culture class to tell us about her job and how she got there. While in college, she worked for the school newspaper all four years and received a great internship in New York with Fox News. When she applied at the Journal Gazette, she was asked to help the newspaper to bring a stronger social media presence.

Kara told us about the shift occurring in many industries: before, the younger generation looked up for knowledge on technology usage, but now, the older generation is learning about social media and other technology from the younger generation. This means that, in some areas, my generation has a good chance of getting a good job not too far out of college because we know this technology naturally. I found it very interesting how much  of a difference the layout of a webpage can make for a company. The layout of the JG Facebook page, for example, doubled in a year because Kara made the layout more efficient and aesthetic.

It was great for me to hear from Kara because I want to go into the world of publishing. I spoke with her after class, and it was very encouraging to hear her say that starting off as a copyeditor in a newspaper would help me eventually find a job in a publishing house as an editor. I greatly appreciated her concluding statement. Sometimes Christians think that God will work everything out for them with little effort on their behalf. Kara emphasized the importance of taking initiative. God will work things out by opening and closing doors, but we also have to work hard. Everything worthwhile takes time and hard work.


2 thoughts on “The Wonderful World of Publishing

  1. you have so much great information in your blog. I struggle to get much reading time but I know I can learn plenty from you, Thank you so much and greetings… 🙂

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