College is expensive, but what if certain majors weren’t?

Fun fact: Florida’s governor wants state colleges to make tuition cheaper for students in majors that are high in demand in the job market.

The message from Tallahassee could not be blunter: Give us engineers, scientists, health care specialists and technology experts. Do not worry so much about historians, philosophers, anthropologists and English majors.

I’m an English major, so that hurt a little. They’re rewarding people who are naturally good at things that I am not naturally good at. I like English, but my roommate loves physics. Why should she get rewarded for being a physics-engineering major, but I have to pay more to be an English major? I understand where Governor Scott wants to do this, but I don’t agree. He wants more people to be able to enter the technological work force, so lowering their tuition would make it more available. This would also possibly cause people to major in these things for the better paying jobs, not because they actually want to go into that field. Thus, the government would almost be choosing majors for students. I definitely agree with the liberal arts professors at University of Florida; less people will major in the humanities and take less humanities classes.

Humanities and liberal arts type majors are valuable too. The technological, physics majors might physically progress society more than humanities majors, but the humanities progress thought and remind us of the past. If we aren’t familiar with the past, we will repeat its good and bad aspects. We also need to think about how the humanities effect those in science fields. Does learning about literature, psychology and history make a difference in their jobs?  

If anything, the “useful” majors should have higher tuition. Those classes cost more because of the tools needed than humanities classes. I’m not saying I want my roommate’s tuition to go up, but that sounds logical to me. Several colleges have agreed to offer a four-year degree for $10,000, so it will be very interesting how this plays out and if these colleges will see a decrease in humanities majors.

Here’s the article discussing the issue: Florida May Reduce Tuition for Selected Majors.


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