Who’s tired of winter?

Winter started a little early here. Even though it’s the end of February, I am very done with winter. Spring has been teasing us with warm days followed by freezing days, but nothing like the January. A couple days ago, I was very frustrated with the weather. I don’t usually write about the weather, but this poem popped in my head. As I reread it the next day, I realized it can also very easily apply to life. We get stuck in a lousy spot and want out. Since the answer to life and the universe is more complicated than 42, we also get frustrated with trying to get out of winter on our own.

Winter’s such a dreary time
Daisies dead on the floor
The snow covers everything
Causing us to forget
The animals burrowed below
And the bright tints of spring

It lasts so long sometimes
And we can’t seem to remember
What comes after this white blanket of death
But it will come soon
I have to believe
That these days of cold death
Will turn into a lively spring

Winter’s such a dreary time
Don’t you agree?
But soon this chill
Will become a reviving warm breeze


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